Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update 1/28

Woke up and felt like a champ this morning. Maybe a former champ but I felt ok. No hangover, just my normal bullshit. That will probably be the only drink I have this year. Reminded me again why I don't drink. I guess it was more the double vision than anything. I did throw up and that was a first since my late teens. But I think the combo of the big chicken dinner, too many drinks too fast, and the kicker was the dope smoking. I was good until I smoked a joint. Never once got sick smoking pot by itself.

Went to the animal shelter volunteer orientation today. That was nice. Everything is straight forward and simple. I was pleased to hear that they don't schedule you on anything. You come and go as you please, and there is no assigned tasks to any one person. You can do whatever you feel like doing that day. Be it walk dogs, play with them, clean kennels, wash dishes, etc...

I might go to that church again tomorrow and maybe stop by the shelter and walk a couple dogs on my way home. I live outside town so might as well "get two birds stoned at once".

"What you have just heard was not fiction, although in many of desperate moment I most certainly wish it had been. It's over for now it seems, or at least until yesterday begins again tomorrow"


  1. That do sound nice!!:D
    Two dogs and a church. I hope the day will be perfect for you!

  2. I am waiting to hear about your walk with the dog. But then I forget about the time difference. Maybe you are still sleeping..... We have just been for a walk, the first day with sunshine for a very long time. And our dog got to meet his family, or at least 5-6 of them. It has been a while since we went to see them. And it made me think about the past. If my boyfriend didn`t have his dog then I don`t know where he would have been now. The dog most certainly saved him from his illness. And if he didn`t have the dog we would never have met.
    I am looking forward to hear about you day!

    1. The orientation yesterday lasted about 30 mins and I was there about 20 minutes early. The whole time was spend standing so my legs were wore out by the end of orientation. We were told we can start right away or come back whenever we would like. I went ahead and headed home since I was tired out already. My legs get tired faster standing on them then actually using them for some reason. I can walk longer than I can stand still...

      My plan for church and shelter did not go as planned this morning.
      Slept in too late to make either morning service. And I have worked three calls today being on call for my job, so shelter may not happen either. But again, I can go as I please with this shelter so I can go any night this week I feel like.

      Yeah, not as an exciting day as I envisioned either, but I expect to wake up tomorrow.

  3. Hehe! Yes, of course there is tomorrow. And days after that as well. Hope you legs are better now. And it`s good that you can come to the shelter when you want.
    Take care, my friend!