Saturday, May 18, 2013

Update 5/18

Visited neurologist. He wants to be more aggressive in treating me. He is concerned about the rate of progression. Eye is not any better and walking is the same.

Neurologist prescribed five days of Acthar. Today is the fourth day of injections. 
I feel very nauseous about 10 mins after injecting every time and it seems to last for several hours.
While its not a steroid, it produces them and no typical steroid like side effects for me. Doesn't keep me up at night, although I have been a little sweaty in morning, and no empty stomach feeling.
Starting Tecfidera about a week after Acthar. 

Doc also put me on Zoloft. I fucking hate to take that kind of bullshit. 
Takes a month or more to fully take affect.  Time will tell.
My moods are not swinging, just a steady low and quiet demeanor. I don't feel like talking to anyone. 

My dick is broke. Cannot get off to save my life. Don't know if its because of the Zoloft, Acthar, or what. 
Its a listed side effect of Zoloft.. That is counterproductive.. it's bullshit. I feel more depressed now than I did before because I can't enjoy a fuck. She keeps trying and I appreciate that but I simply cannot finish...


  1. Definitely ask for a change in antidepressant; this is a very common problem. Good luck.

    I can't believe you got on Acthar - it is horrendously expensive. Also, it is just some kind of derivative of ACTH, which used to be common before steroid use became popular.

    1. I will wait a week after acthar to see if bladder/bowel/sex return to normal (each have their own dysfunction), if not then I will have to consider changing, not sure to what, already been through a couple antidepressants.

      Acthar cost is out of hand. Insurance and The Chronic Disease Fund took care of it. A phone call, some paperwork and it was done.

  2. Good to hear some change in your treatment is happening. Sorry about the side-effect, but hope it will return to normal!
    The best of luck!!

  3. ED is a common side effect of many antidepressants. Evidently many lower sex drive too. It seems unfair for it to do one and not both...

    I hear you on the finishing. I went about 6 months with great decreased feeling south of the belt line. I felt like the guy in American Pie whose GF put 2 condoms on him...and I felt like that before putting on a condom. We had a guy in our dorm in college we called the "minute man" because he and his GF were loud, but never for longer than a min. (her nickname was minute maid) I was and still am to an extent the opposite. I feel like my theme song should be Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long," but that's not often a good thing in a house of children and limited energy. Lol till crying.

  4. glad to see your post. hope the acthar has a positive effect for you. Get fucking CellFood. ;)
    you know where and how to get a hold of me if you choose. Miss hearing from you.

  5. What dose of zoloft did the dr put you on?

  6. Lots Of Love!!!