Saturday, February 4, 2012

Short Update 2/4

No major fighting today, some arguing but no big blow out like yesterday.
I did get on to her for dealing with the problem by drinking and she said "What problem?"..."THAT is the fucking problem"
She in denial that we have any issues, and she drinks herself shitty, just for the kicks?
I can tell that she knows the inevitable is coming. It's already in motion I think. I dunno. I will feel like such a fucking ass if months pass and I see this post and nothing has changed...

There will be a blizzard tomorrow just because I said something, but spring is upon us here. The flowers are starting to sprout with a few blooming. Bushes are starting to bud.
Yellows, blues, and reds, with more to come. Almost like seeing color for the first time.
This time last year I had double vision, and was very unhappy. I have struggled past a year, no double vision, also no happiness.
I need to change with the season.

Short post for once.

"What you have just heard was not fiction, although in many of desperate moment I most certainly wish it had been. It's over for now it seems, or at least until yesterday begins again tomorrow"


  1. You do need change.. That situation would drive anyone crazy!! :(

  2. imagine how much better you might feel once some of that home stress is removed from your life.... it's a tough situation when a relationship ends... but when you come out on the other side feeling emotionally better, i bet that physically you will much better as well

  3. Replies
    1. I'm doing fine. Just taking a few days off the blog. I have some things I will write about soon.
      Thank you for asking

  4. Ok. Waiting to hear from you!:)