Monday, February 27, 2012


Feeling better. I had a fever over the weekend and that is what caused the body to freak the fuck out.
I did not know about the fever until my gf got home after 9pm from work. She felt my head, said I was burning up, took temperature, it was over 100F (don't recall exact number right now, 101.something).
I felt cold all day, and had full body pain, including my head, and I mean every muscle in my body.
Got out of bed twice all day, both times to deal with bowel problems. The second time to also deal with some work since I was on call and did not handle any calls, and I somehow got a post on this blog (odd that I got the post up fine, but my work emails are full of mistakes).
Tried to eat some soup but couldn't, each bite felt like it was going to trigger vomit.
Took flu medications, and a cocktail of muscle relaxers. I got no immediate relief.

Things started getting better on Sunday, fever went away, pain went away for the most part but was replaced with weakness. I can still barely walk, the legs are just weak, and not really in pain.
On Sunday afternoon, I ate something for the first time since Friday afternoon.

When the gf said I had a fever, it made sense why I was feeling the way I was. I know enough about MS to know a fever can be bad news. The body temperature rises and can cause issues with your nerves. Researching the issue, some info points to a pseudo-exacerbation, which I was told I have had before, but it was not fever/illness related.
This was the first fever that I know of since I have had MS. I will try to recognize it quicker in the future.

Part of me knows I should get more rest, but I am tired of being in bed. Spent about 36hrs in bed from Friday pm to Sunday am (not sure if my math is off but sounds right) with only leaving the bed for short periods of time. Didn't turn on tv until Sunday afternoon, didn't even feel well enough to watch it as odd as that sounds..
I slept a lot of the time in bed, but kept waking up and staying awake for a bit in the middle of the night. I can't be surprised by that though.

I have to work this week, taking time off is not an option. Hope to get some cannabis today, that should help ease some minor pains and sleeping through the night.

"What you have just heard was not fiction, although in many of desperate moment I most certainly wish it had been. It's over for now it seems, or at least until yesterday begins again tomorrow"


  1. I am glad you are feeling better, and that you found the reason for it all. I didn`t know fever and MS was such a bad match. But are you more likely to get fever because of MS?

    36 hours spent in bed sounds like a lot. Wish I could have some of those hours:) Two little kids waking up all night here:)Anyway, I hope you can rest enough although you have to work! And that you get something to make you sleep and relax:)

    1. I have never read that you are more likely to get a fever with MS, but Gilenya affects the body's ability to fight infections. I would guess that the body may overcompensate for that and raise its temperature. A fever is the body trying to kill something, for that reason I would rarely ever use any fever medicine in the past, you are only suppressing it and not letting the body do it's job.