Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleeping, relaxing and football

Didn't do anything I had planned or intended on doing yesterday. I didn't go to the MS meeting or to any music show. Just didn't feel up to it.
Ended up falling asleep around 8pm and ended up sleeping for about 13 hours. Haven't done that in I don't know how long. I got nice and stoned last night before I fell asleep so my head and body were just right.
Woke up today feeling good in the head. Body has its normal bullshit going on, but in the head I felt good.
Got up and did some chores I had pushed off for a day or so.

Girlfriend gets back tonight. I have had almost five days to myself and I have rather enjoyed it. It's been nice and quiet. I don't get bothered while I am trying to work, and I feel like I am not trying to entertain anyone in the evenings.
I sat by a fire every night she was gone, and she won't sit by the fire as long as I will. She would have been bored or said she was too cold and gone inside.
In my alone time thinking, I have come up with a few words for her, peaceful words, but words she may not want to hear.
I will have a talk with her after her return to just lay out the ways I think our relationship currently is, what it should be, and the way its going to be...

Going to take it pretty easy today. It's raining outside, so it is a good day to put the feet up and relax. Try and get ready for the bullshit that is the new work week. I feel a little burnt out from work lately but I think I need a vacation to refresh myself. I need to get away from this house and this area for a few days or a week. I won't be able to afford any trip away for a few months so I have to just suck it up and deal with it.
If I wasn't broke I would have setup a trip to take while my girlfriend was taking hers, and I originally thought about that a month ago when she first planned her trip. But I simply couldn't afford to go anywhere.

I am very anxious for tomorrow evening to get here. It is the NCAA BCS Championship game. I am a college football fan and I am looking forward to this game. LSU vs. Alabama, and this is a rematch from  a couple months back. No teams have ever played each other again in the championship game after already playing each other in the regular season. I am looking for Alabama to win this one. They would have won the previous game if it wasn't for some missed field goals. Bama beat themselves in the first game. LSU is going to have to beat Bama if they want to win tomorrow.

Roll Tide


  1. I can almost feel the peace and quietness from reading this. It must be good to have some days on your own! I believe most people need that, everyday life is mostly too hectic. And in the evening there are all kinds of reality shows etc on TV just to stop people from thinking. Everyone should have a fireplace and time to think:) I also really value the time I am alone. Hehe...when the baby sleeps. I am on maternity leave and was supposed to be quite social and meet friend during this period. And I do sometimes, but mostly I am just appreciating a few hours on my own.
    I hope you get to talk things through with your girlfriend. Relationships are often hard work.I hope you will find a way which is good for both of you.
    Take care. And I hope your work week will be with less bullshit than you expect!

  2. And of course; enjoy the game!

  3. TV is an awful mind fuck. But I have little to no room to say anything. When baseball is in season, I watch nearly one game a night.

    It wasn't until about 6 years ago that I actually got cable tv and a new tv.
    I had gone for years with no tv. But came a time when my employer demanded that I have internet at home (they needed me to work on something from home and I couldn't, which was absurd for someone in the IT industry), and it was a few bucks more to get basic cable.

    I called last week to get cable tv canceled since we don't watch it, but they are basically giving it to me for free now since I threatened to cancel.

    Anyways, there is too much tv watching going on and not enough everything else.
    Same could be said about the internet too though. But at least the internet has some give and take, some input and output. TV is one way communication from the TV, to your brain, and to your wallet.
    I cannot vent about my MS issues to the TV and get the caring support I receive here.

    As a mother of a newborn, you are entitled to spend you free time as you wish. I would like to be around when someone tries to argue that.