Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Layout Feedback

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the new layout change and added sections (current symptoms and current medications).
Wasn't sure if they made the page or blog posts harder to read. They look fine on my end but I have a very large monitor and run a high resolution.

While I am at it.. Is there anything missing from this blog? Any feature that someone would like to see added?
I was trying to get a text feature working where you as the reader can easily adjust the text size. May be helpful for those with MS and vision problems. Still working on that. 

Thanks in advance.


  1. I like your blog but the gray on black can be hard to read sometime. Also I agree with you cancer comment.

    1. I have been working on ways to allow the user to change the contrast or theme to the blog but nothing has worked the way I want yet. I will put some more work into this weekend. I was also working on a button to increase text size. I would like to make the site more accessible.

  2. I have got way too much caffeine in my bloodstream tonight. No sleep. But at least time to answer your question.

    The layout is good. I think people will like it. I must say don`t care so much about the layout. But I like the fact that you got connected to more bloggers and get new readers. You blog should be read by more people. You are an important voice.

    When you write like this some people can learn and feel less hopelessness. They know someone else is going through the same thing.

    And people like me, who know someone with MS and talk to them or try to read about it only find the same statement over and over again: It`s going to be all right.
    And they tell you humor is important to keep them going. Well, I have been depressed and physically ill, and at that point humor made me feel a lot worse. I didn`t understand much about MS. Now I do understand a bit more.

    And then there is another thing. The healthcare system. I live in one of the richest countries in the world. We have a very different health and welfare system then in the USA. Healthcare is more or less free for everyone. But still, they just decided to closed down the only rehabilitation center for people with MS in this region. They are closing it down! A really, really good place. And that is only one example of stupid things they are doing in this rich country. It makes me really, really angry. And it`s difficult for people who are ill to stand up for their rights. That`s why more people should know how it feels to be ill. What it really is like. Then more people can care, and things can change for the better.

    I wish with all of my heart that you shall be happy end enjoy life. Getting to know you this way means a lot to me!

  3. That long comment was me again...:)
    Good night - when it comes to your place!

  4. I like the new layout. I like that you have listed your symptoms and medications that way.

    Keep writing as you do. It makes me personally feel not so alone in this. :)