Sunday, December 25, 2011

Update 12/25

Feel like I am slowly getting better. Steroids appear to be taking affect but has taken a few days. The pain pills were barely working, and they certainly were not helping me sleep.
While talking to my sister yesterday, she said that she was on Wellbutrin at one time and within a day she developed insomnia. The light bulb went off and I put together that I haven't been sleeping for about as long as I have been on that shit. I stopped taking the medication today so we will see how that goes.
I did get more sleep last night than I have in weeks. I still kept waking up because of the pain and discomfort, but overall felt like I got some sleep. Feeling decent in the head for the first time in a while.

Still having issues with bladder and bowels. Found its best to sit and pee like a girl to get any decent stream of piss out, otherwise standing up it barely trickles out.
Also had trouble ejaculating. Girlfriend gave a bj that lasted about ten minutes when it never takes that long, I eventually told her it just wouldn't happen. So that's a bit of a bummer, don't have trouble getting it up, just getting off. Seems to have lost some sensitivity.

My dad should be arriving tomorrow evening, and I cannot wait. Looking forward to the visit. I hope the weather is nice for his visit so we can have some fires and hang outside.

Hope everyone is having a nice Christmas.


  1. I like this update. Hope you're continuing to get on top of the insomnia. Hope your Dad made it down and you continue to feel better.

    Wishing you good health and happiness for the New Year. Xxx