Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Below is a picture of a shirt I quit wearing when my dog died. My girlfriend got me the shirt 4 or 5 years ago. Her along with everyone else felt it sums me up. It has a dude hanging out with his yellow dog, a baseball, and music playing. Life is was good. That shirt has been worn more than any shirt I own.
I have retired the shirt, its going into a box with her favorite toys, and her blanket.

I think in the next few weeks I will go get my very first tattoo. I thought when I was younger I would get a bunch of them, but as I got older, I could never decide on something I could live with for the rest of my life. 
I am so glad I scrapped the idea many times, the thought of some of the designs I was "serious" about, make my stomach turn.
I do have one design that is simple, and I know I could live with forever. I want to get her paw print on me somewhere. I have the impression of her paw that was made before she was cremated, and will use that to have an exact copy made. Don't know where I will get it, either over my heart, on arm or on back shoulder. 
I haven't decided if I will get her name or any words done. Just the paw print is a good starting point. 
I thought about "Shine on you crazy diamond" around the paw, but not sure about that. The song makes me think of her, but with enough time I could think of a hundred lyrical lines that make me think of her. 


  1. I like the t-shirt. I believe you will wear it again some day. Good idea about the tattoo!!

  2. I like the shirt too...Without those things on the shirt, life doesn't feel good. And its not even material things. Its the love of a dog. Fuck music or baseball, I just want my dog.

    I can say with all confidence that the shirt is in fact retired. I will never put it back on. Its sitting on top of her box of stuff, waiting to get put in. That piece of me goes with her.

  3. I think that shirt was as much 'hers' as yours. So it's only right it gets safely put away in her memory box.

    I think the tatt idea is great. That is something meaningful you want on your body for life. I also think its a step forward in the healing process. This way you'll carry her close to your heart (as well as in your heart) always.

    X x