Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update 12/21

Woke up today and I can barely move. I am dealing with a tremendous amount of back pain. I don't know if its spasticity or what. I can't bend it in any direction. I cannot find a comfortable position.
I took a Zanaflex already hoping that if it was spasticity that it would settle down, coming up on an hour and nothing.
I did not sleep well again last night. I continue to sleep in the guest room which has a firmer mattress, and generally has been better for my back. That is whats worrying me that this issue may be MS related. My back hasn't felt well since the weekend wood chopping shit, but nothing like this. I just saw a chiropractor yesterday, and felt better after I left his office.

Supposed to get some pot today or tomorrow. All of the sudden I know 2 people that can get me stuff, although they are people I barely know, so I am a little skeptical. But we will see.
I am supposed to get some pot and hash from another state in the coming weeks. I look forward to the hash, its generally stronger and might be the most beneficial thing I get for my spasms (and my back).
Alright, I am going to whine like a baby and try and find a comfortable position. I have to just deal with it because I have to work. I have no option, I have to work. I have bills to pay and drugs to buy.


  1. This doesn`t sound good. You are not able to take a couple of days off work? Seems like you could need it now. I hope at least that you are careful and take a lot of breakes. Change the way you sit, lay down etc. Do you get to see a physiotherapist?
    Drugs from strangers sounds risky. Be careful. But I hope you can get some relief from you pain. Stay strong and take care!!
    Thinking of you!

  2. Yeah, I am pretty fucked up right now. Back is killing me. I don't remember being in this much (physical) pain before. Saw chiropractor today.
    I will post an update shortly on it.

    I don't consider marijuana a drug so I am not that concerned with who I get it from. I do look at it closely for any mold or anything.
    I really need some now. I suspect the dr is going to put me on some pain meds today, waiting on a call back..
    No matter how I sit or lay down I am in pain.