Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Up in smoke

While I used marijuana for recreational reasons since my mid-teens it has since turned into a necessity for me.
Marijuana helps me with the spasticity and at times depression. Pot is not a miracle drug for me, but it helps  with maybe 80-90% of spasms during use which is much better than the synthetic bullshit the doctors are giving me. My issues with the pills I'm given is they either don't do anything or they bring about a list of side effects. Most common issue I have with prescribed meds are stomach related problems including bowel functions.
I was taking Marinol for a while which was working perfect until I started growing a tolerance. I have taken myself off of it for the next few weeks and I will return to it. I would much rather take Marinol over Zanaflex.
Pot helps me get to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep. It wears off and the spasms start up again, which wakes me and keeps me up. If I had access to edibles or other forms of marijuana I would gladly take that stuff rather than Zanaflex to go to sleep and stay asleep.
I do not smoke during the day. I can and have, but its just one of those things, maybe a respect for my job. I just feel like I should be as sharp as possible. So right now I have no assistance with any medications for dealing with the spasms. I live a very uncomfortable life.

In my opinion the best way to smoke is using a vaporizer. But not one of those shitty ones that just burns your shit. The best one is a HerbalAire. It passes hot air through the herb which releases the active compounds into a vapor. This avoids burning the stuff, therefore no carcinogenics. You can use direct inhale or fill up a bag. Both ways are easy to use for MS patients who may be having issues with their hands. Alot easier than rolling and smoking a joint of lighting a bowl...

I currently live in a state where marijuana has not been decriminalized (yet).
For the past few months I had been planning a trip out west to check out some cities. But I think I have recently scrapped the idea. I cannot justify jumping a few time zones across the country just so I can get pot cheaper and legally. I just cannot make the move (nor should I have to). There are some northeast states that have decriminalized but as I enter my second true winter with MS, I am finding it harder to function in the cold, and may have to stick to warmer climates (but not too warm).
I wish the states in the southeast would get their shit together and allow people access to medicine that actually works. Even with state decriminalization, the fucking federal government continue to fuck up my life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
So fuck you Nixon Ford Carter Reagan Bush Sr. Clinton Bush Jr. Obama.

In the meantime I will probably move somewhere in the southeast and continue to live my life as a criminal.


  1. It's something I've never tried. I know some people who do it recreationally. If healthwise it helps, then it seems a shame it can't come on prescription for you. What about the side effects of paranoia they say? Or the chance of it exacerbating any existing mental health problems? Or is that all just BS to scare people into not doing it? I was never scared, I was just more a person who tried stuff for a buzz, rather than to chillax, as I'm a really chilled out person anyway. If it works for you and you don't have any problems from it then wish they would just legalise it!

    Jax x

  2. No paranoia here. Most negative things on marijuana are bullshit. Of course smoking it is harmful, but the rest is simply beneficial.
    I'm not going to preach about it, I think by now most people are understanding the truth.

    In my lifetime, I hope to see it legalized, at the very least for medicinal purposes across the US. The world will follow.

  3. Hehe!! The world will follow?;)
    It is not legalized here in Norway either, and I hope it won`t be. But for medical purposes, of course it should be legalized! Of course!! I am glad it helpful for you!
    I have tried smoking, and I believe the negative consequences are not so very great. The consequenses of excessive use of alcohol can be even worse. But having said that, my husband became really paranoid smoking marijuana.

  4. Btw. is it legal in many states in America? Here in Europe I believe the only place to smoke it legaly is in the Netherlands. And maybe soon to be in Copenhagen. I don`t think Norway will follow....:)


  5. "The world will follow" I guess was a pompous american thing to say, but I see the US as a dictator of sorts when it comes to drug policies. They have a lot of pull in the policies that are adopted for most countries. But, it is a battle they are losing in recent decades.
    Marijuana is currently legal in 16 states (and DC). 4 states decriminalized between 2010 and 2011. The state I live in has a bill waiting to get passed.

    Here is a list of countries:

  6. Legal in 16 states?? I didn`t know that.
    What about smoking (not cannabis) in bars etc? Maybe America is going in the opposite direction from Europe.....?
    Interesting list, but it SHOULD have another column for medical purposes.

  7. Indoor smoking (cigarettes) is banned in alot of states now. Many have passed "Clean Air Acts". I know in one state an establishment must do a certain percentage of their sales in alcohol. So some sports bars that sell alot of food cannot be smoked in. (I know of two restaurants that have liquor stores attached to them to work around this)
    I have been to several states where there is an outright ban on smoking indoors regardless of the business. One northern state is in the process of banning smoking in cars with children present.

    List of US states allowing medical marijuana