Monday, November 7, 2011

Life on the Road

I always thought as a youngin' that it would be fun to do some RV traveling but as I have gotten older I have gone from always wanting to drive on trips and skip the airport bs, to not wanting to make some trips period.
Took a 12 hour trip this weekend (6 each way) and it was very hard to sit in the car that long. Made stops every 2 hours each way to stretch and move but trip was painful. My back is throbbing in pain. Seems like I can feel my heart beat in my lower back. I have been on a regular schedule with chiro and luckily have appointment today. 
Got to visit with some family which was kind of nice except an uncle was put in hospital Friday while he battles cancer, so half the family was at the hospital and half at his house and would rotate to keep the traffic down.
Despite the situation it was nice to see some family for the first time in years. It became clear I do have some cognitive issues, I had a hell of a time remembering some names.
My MS was only brought up one time, I quickly spoke about it and changed the subject. I was standing over my Uncle that has less than 3 months to live. Seemed like bigger things were going on.
I was disappointed to see Alabama lose to LSU 18 6 to 9. Bama beat themselves with 4 (5?) missed field goals. Oh well, it's just a game.

Got my first comment on a previous post. Of course I got a question that was tough to answer, it was roughly based on how you can make someone with MS happy/unhappy. Its a good question, and I should be able to answer having MS... but I am drawing a blank. I haven't been able to pinpoint in my life what makes me happy/unhappy (to an extent, some things that have happened are glaring issues but unrelated to MS). At this second I look at my old dog sleeping and snoring in the chair next to me and I guess that makes my happy but it really seems temporary. I turn my head and I am faced with the reality of having to work to survive. Having back, leg and arm pain. Numbness in various parts. It goes on, and with every step I have a monkey on my back reminding me of MS.
Since I have trouble pointing out what makes me happy I can probably point out what makes me unhappy easier. That will be another post. What I will probably do is just list what this girl has done wrong to me and that will answer some things. But that would be a waste, its simple common sense stuff like don't cheat on someone, or endlessly lie to them, and if they have MS with various issues, don't tell them they are making it up.

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