Friday, November 11, 2011

Update 11/11

Zanaflex seems to be working well. I am still on the titration schedule of just taking one before bed. It knocks me out quick and I sleep through the whole night without waking to spasms. Seems that these good nights of sleep are helping me get up about an hour before I used to because I am sleeping through the night. Legs do feel a little weak in the morning. Zanaflex is known to cause muscle tone issues over time so I will need to ramp up my work outs to counter that. After 2 weeks of taking Zanaflex before bed you can start taking it in the day, but I probably wont as long as I have some pot to smoke. I don't normally smoke during a work day. Maybe on a slow friday or if I'm hurting real bad. Most of the time I will just wait until I get off work. Its not that I get so stoned I can't work. I just like to feel as sharp as possible when I talk to customers. I already have some cognitive issues at times, don't need to add to it.

I have a post regarding relationships and MS in the works.

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