Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slept like a baby..

Got 2 medications yesterday that helped me get the best sleep I have had in a long time.

Doctor started me on Zanaflex (Tizanidine) to deal with the constant spasms.
Flexeril, Baclofen and others were just not cutting it. I took my first Zanaflex last night. Woke up a little sore but that could be a number of things. Stretched this morning to help alleviate that. The PA called me the other day to see if I wanted to try that and had quickly mentioned that I would be taking it at night but I didnt get all of the details. The paper I got with the meds had the following line:
"Start with one po qhs for 1 wk, then 2 po qhs for 1 wk, then may slowly increase by one pill as tolerated to 1-2 po tid."
What the fuck is po/qhs/tid?? I had to look it up to find its saying take it orally before bed and that I could increase to three times a day... Why didn't you fucking say so? I'm not a doctor.. The pharmacist didn't take a moment to ask if I had any questions or make sure I understood the titration schedule. If it wasn't for going on Rebif before I wouldn't even know what the fuck titration is... I have been going to this pharmacist for a few months, and I was a little bothered that they didn't attempt to go over this with me. I will probably find another pharmacist, a few months back when I started Marinol I was walking out the door when I noticed they had given me the wrong mg. They gave me 2.5mg and I was prescribed 5mg. Glad I caught that..but that is not my job.
Anyways. Took Zanaflex last night before bed and slept through the night without waking up. I still had a slight buzz from the pot but I think the Zanaflex went right to work.
I will be cautious with Zanaflex, it seems people get addicted to this stuff. I have never had an addiction (except for maybe cigarettes) and I don't want to start now..

I finally got some pot yesterday for the first time in over a month so that was nice. I always used it for recreational use but then MS came around and it turned into a need for it. My body reacts very well to it, I have little to no spasms when I smoke.
I was taking Marinol (synthetic THC) for a few months. It worked out great for 2 1/2 months but I started growing a tolerance for it, so I stopped taking it so I can start back up in a month or so.
Its ridiculous how much trouble it is to get (pot) if you don't know the right people. I moved to this town less than 2 years ago and I still miss my old dude. I used to be able to call him up any time and meet him that evening. Never got ripped off, no bullshit. I was getting my stuff from him through a family member in my teens, so I have been getting pot from him for close to 16 years. Last couple times I have made a trip to that town I have been able to call him up a day before getting there and I could always get how ever much I needed. Whereas in this town, I was getting stuff from a guy but he turned out to big a fucking dick head. Bags started coming up light and prices went up. All of these coincided with his life getting shitty. Last time I saw him to get some I was bitching about the weights and prices.. went home to weigh my shit, there was some fucking rubber bands in it balled up to help it make weight. What a fucking dick. And he is a bigger dick because we became "friends" over a year or so and he knew about the MS. I hope to see him in a store where he is working so I can loudly tell him what kind of fucking asshole he is.
Alright enough bitching about him, I have my own shit to worry about. So it's nice to have some smoke again. I just have to keep my "gf" from smoking it all, she doesn't know what no means. I'm going to stop there, and save that for another post.

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