Monday, November 14, 2011

Update 11/14

MS is being a fucking dick today... Woke up and can barely walk. Almost like legs are not doing what they are told. Diarrhea all day, and no matter what I try, I cannot get warm. Most parts like hands and feet are icy today and don't want to move much. Its pretty warm at 65 out today, but feels -10.
Spasms have been pretty bad during the day time leading up to this bullshit. They have been steady and unrelenting. My usual forms of alleviating them have failed, they are bad enough that pot, muscle relaxers, and stretching do nothing.
My Zanaflex seems to help with me sleeping and doesn't wake me up. I haven't completed my titration schedule yet, that includes taking it for 2 weeks before going to bed before it's taken during the daytime. But I might go ahead and take one anyways.
The spasms in my legs range from moments of irritating twitching, to very painful "pulls" where it can feel like the muscle in the leg has been pulled from running or whatever.

I need to figure out what has brought this on... don't know if it's from the cold weather or from some stress lately. Or, it simply could be MS being its normal self shitting on me.. I am not a scat man.

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