Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wall (aka ticket prices)

What a disappointing morning. Roger Waters is doing The Wall tour again this year, last year he did it but I was in the middle of moving when he came to a city nearby. Presale started today and the cheapest tickets are $115 each. I just cannot afford that.
Last two times I saw him they were $25 each but they were lawn seats at an amphitheater. Because of all of the theatrics involved in this tour, it's all indoors. 
A couple of my favorite memories are while going to see Roger Waters. I saw Waters with my dad when I was about 17 and that was nice, and I smoked Pot with my mom the first time at a Waters concert sometime in my 20's.
The last show was nice, I bought tickets for my parents (and gf) and we all went. Waters was doing the Dark Side of the Moon tour. Aside from all of the college kids there getting smashed and loud it was a nice concert. One of the last times my parent's seemed happy together before their divorce years later.

Over the years I tend to miss out on a concert for one reason or another and can't shut up about it later in life.
There are only a few that really stand out. When I was 16 or so The Black Crows with Jimmy Page were on tour, and at that same venue The Who was playing the next night. Ugh I wish I could have made those two nights. I was willing to sleep in my jeep at the time if I could just pull together the money. Busing tables and washing dishes at the time wasn't paying much.
I also skipped going to see Jethro Tull do an acoustic/electric set. That was right around Christmas and couldn't get the funds together.
And recently I missed Johnny Winter play at a small club. That was due to not walking well and unable to stand for any extended amount of time.

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