Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you.

The traffic on this blog has picked up a bit, and I want to thank everyone who has commented for their kind words.
As negative as things get around here, it's nice to see some positivity. But please don't be afraid to vent or bitch about things, this is the place to air things out. Be honest and upfront.
I see this as a Bullshit Free zone.

As I stated before and recently to a commenter, this is one of only a couple outlets I have, I hide this from friends and family that are so far away to relieve the helplessness that some have.
So what you read is what it is.

There will be a post tomorrow specifically on Sex. So put the kids to bed and enjoy some disabled smut.
 "if people don't like it then tough titty" - Jax


  1. Sax, cool. I used to play the, oh...nevermind. See ya tomorrow. (Better be good) (No pressure)

  2. I'm very interested to read this one...

  3. I find your blog very interesting, and I like it because it is honest. I don`t feel any need to bitch about things as for now. Maybe I should introduce myself a bit. I am the person who asked you: how can one make people with MS feel better? or something like that. I`m a bit frustrated with the "I`m going to be all right" -answer. It doesn`t tell me anything.
    I am very fortunate myself not having any health problems. I have had in the past, but one little pill a day makes them all go away. I guess I live in another timezone than you and not in an English speaking country, so pleace excuse my not so very good English.


  4. K, your English is better than some Americans I know.

    Hopefully you can find a long drawn out answer to your question through a variety of posts and topics found here. I tried to answer it before it one jumbled post, but it might be best to get bits from posts here and there. Today a post about sex was put up. I would like to tackle the other issues.

  5. Not only looking for answers. I am also looking for you. Life seems so unfair sometimes. My heart goes out to you!