Monday, May 28, 2012

Update 5/28

Days following the last post my body took a turn.
Back muscles locked up. I could feel them tighten in random spots.
Leg muscles tightened up, felt light cement shoes.
I was forced to start using the cane...
Could barely sit at my desk to work, and sleeping felt like laying on rocks.
Being out of smokable cannabis, I took multiple muscle relaxers and pain pills to try and find relief. The pills worked for one afternoon, but that night and following days, I felt nothing when taking them.
After a few days of no effect I dropped them. Bowels and bladder were a mess. Appetite was gone.

A week of this passed before I got my hands on some cannabis. I finally felt some relief. It took a couple days before some things went back to normal, but there was a quick change to the back muscles and spasms.
Legs are still week, but I think that is mainly due to a week of constant muscle spasms that were nonstop.
I have been using a cane around the house, the few times leaving the house I take my time and go without it.
I will and do use it when I feel the need.

Had a moment smoking outside. The clouds opened up, the sun and the heat came down quick. I quickly felt glued to the chair, could not lift an arm or leg. Clouds came back and I made my way inside, washed out. Caught me off guard as it had been cloudy and kind of cool out all day.
I will take more precautions on leaving the cell.

Lately I have been finding peace in time spent alone, versus the inner turmoil when the cellmate is around.
I keep telling myself to do something because it is bad enough having MS, but I live with it and with many regrets.

Watched deer walk through the back yard grazing as I wrote this post.


  1. I really, really don`t understand....Why aren`t you on rehab or anything like that? You need some more treatment. I don`t understand. Would you care to explain....
    I really, really hope things will be batter for you soon!!
    Big, big hugs!

    1. I will be in touch with my doctor if things continue, but without insurance I am more reluctant.
      They would likely want to put me on steroids. I would like to avoid the roids if I can.

  2. I can`t really believe that you would need insurance to get proper treatment. It shouldn`t be like that!!