Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update 5/2

My mind has been to places where it did not need to be and back. MS has been beating my body up pretty good. I am getting by though.
Still continue only Gilenya and Cannabis.

Physical problems in the last month or so have been all of the usual bullshit, but one thing stood out that was really shitty... I had for about two days on and off these waves of pain that would pulse through the entire body, starting from the inside out. I could feel this shit wave of pain pulsating through me, bolts of lighting coming out my fingers, toes, and the end of my dick. As glorious as that sounds, it was not.

Had some family and friends visit for the Walk MS. Due to some hotel reservation issues I wont go into, all fucking 8 (ages ranged from 18-80) were left to stay at my house. Everything that could have gone wrong did that weekend. No bullshit, talking about missed flights, appliances dying, flat tires, food poising, it did not end until the last person left.
I am thankful that they could visit and show support, all that stuff.. and thankful they made it home safely...
Pushed it too the max every day. After everyone left, I shut it down for two full days.

Fucking IRS...

Took a bit of a break from here for a minute. I cannot possibly predict the next post. Haven't much to say. Repeating the daily shit that happens just sounds like whining. There is nothing to that. Anyone can complain.
If you buy into Infinite monkey theorem, something worthwhile might come out of this, or it might not.
I enjoy Judy's poems daily (Peace Be With You). That is consistent worthwhile writing. Thank you Judy.

I told a story here.


  1. Thank you for your thank you. I meant what I said in my poem.

  2. I was pretty nervous waiting for your response. Thinking I've been reading this blog for awhile, actually caring about the person writing it, then nothing. No response. No update. I honestly didn't know if you were in the hospital or dead. I knew no one knew about this blog so if something did happen, I'd be left to wonder for all time.
    Thank you for your update. Hope your shitstorm gets better. Soon!

  3. Good to hear from you. Sorry things are still so shit:(

    Jax xx