Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update 5/16

I don't know the exact day I was told, but it's been a year since I was diagnosed (give or take a week or two).
What a shitty fucked up year it was. It made me laugh at Atlas.
I don't have many thoughts on hitting a year anniversary. Time has moved along pretty quick since then.
My days are long but the weeks, months, and years are short.

Spent some time at the shelter last weekend. This trip I put a lot of thought into fostering a dog.
Found a dog that had been there a couple months. I asked about fostering but they said they pick the dog that will be fostered... I wish I would have asked if I can request a specific dog. I will call this weekend and check. I already spent time with this dog, and I am going to be picky on what dog I bring to the house. After all I have to take care of it. I want to foster a dog that has a calm demeanor, something older and well behaved. I don't have the energy for a hyper, yapping, trouble maker. You don't want to fully (re)train a foster dog. My home is just a place to get out of that cage and be with people. Its a short stop in its life.

Cannabis has been in the MS news lately. When the news broke of a new study that concluded, seemed like the report made it everywhere. I am still seeing articles popping up each day in my MS news feed.
It's nothing we didn't know already, but this time it comes from a credible source. Maybe lawmakers will take attention to this study.
I can guarantee some right-wing piece of shit looked at the headline, scoffed on it and went on their way to the obituary for a laugh... Until it personally affects them or their checkbook, the politicians DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. If you tell me you want to get into politics, I will think of you as a power hungry prick. Politicians are getting as useless as guns. They only serve one purpose.. killing. (I am in pain, and a criminal because of it. Excuse me for being cranky)

I got my hands on almost a pound of cannabis shake/trimmings/leaves. I made two types of tinctures with it. Tincture is a herbal whatever that you store in a bottle with a dropper and take drops as needed.
One was made with Everclear (pure grain alcohol), and the other was made of vegetable glycerin. 
The alcohol one is rough to take. The Everclear is strong and it burns your mouth. I have to dilute it with water, and then I have to take more.
The vegetable glycerin came out nice and sweet.
I am still playing with the doses to figure out its potency. The alcohol tincture will likely just be given away. The taste is not worth the relief.
I still have some stuff left, I will make hash with the rest of it. I am told as long as I share some of what I come up with, I will have access to these free trimmings.
Next sack will be used for making cannabis cooking oil.

Dealing with weakness in legs, and in my hands. Took a while to get out bed this morning. Legs did not want to stand up and hold any weight.
Battery in my car died the other day when I made a simple trip to bank. Had to make 5 trips back and forth to a nearby Kmart to get a battery and tools to replace the fucking thing. Each trip was alot of walking, and carrying shit.
I wont go into details, but it was one bullshit thing after another, so much that I got to know the cashier/manager by name.
Anyways, after all that walking, I was spent. I was fucking useless. My legs wouldn't move. Luckily my shower is handicap accessible because I could barely stand in it...
I need my hands more than my legs and they have been rough lately. Cannot type a sentence without erasing half of it due to mistypes.

But hey, who am I to complain right? How dare I moan for one second when there is people with no legs or arms.. I need to be so fucking chipper that I'm whistling "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" out my fucking asshole. That's what they say...


  1. Yes, many politicians are like that! It`s sad. I am glad to hear you are looking for a dog to take care of!! I hope you will find one soon.
    Of course you can complain!!! I am sure you try to find some things not to complain about too.
    Wishing you all the best
    Hugs K

  2. I am sorry for being so prejudiced, but isn`t USA a terribly fucked up country? Sorry, but I am really wondering about that....

    1. I think every country is a little fucked in its own way, some more than others.

    2. Yes, some more than other.....Unfortunately.

  3. Thinking about you!!!