Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Someone threw me a fucking bone.

Found out at my last MS meeting that someone there was prescribed LDN by a doctor at the same practice I go to.
I called my doctor and re-requested an LDN prescription and let him know about his own fucking co-worker prescribing it after I was told they had never a couple months ago. They also said they would not prescribe something to be used off-label (which is exactly what they/I did with Marinol).
He said its not what I should be doing for my MS and not the treatment plan I should be following, but reluctantly prescribed it anyways.

They are mailing the prescription since I do not know where I am getting it from. There is a compounding pharmacy in my town but the lady who used LDN, said it didn't work for her. That means nothing except it didn't work for her. But it makes me wonder if I shouldn't get LDN from a list of known good compounding pharmacies online. 
I will likely order it online since I really have one shot at this. If it doesn't work, I will not go through the trouble and expense to try it again later in life.

That really is all that's good in this pathetic life. Still broke, have not moved yet. Still unhappy and feel like shit.

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