Monday, September 24, 2012

Waste of time

Nothing here but bitching about the "vacation" I just returned from.
Earlier in the year the cellmate's family booked a beach house on the eastern coast.
I did not plan on going until I was pressured from various directions that "it would be good for me". I argued that it is not a good time with the upcoming move and that a beach was not my ideal vacation spot.
It proved exactly why I should not listen to anyone and stick to my own decision making.
This was my first vacation in two years.

We arrived after ten fucking hours of driving. The house was a 3 story tall with steep stairs everywhere. Some did not have hand rails. The house was not cleaned after the guests. We found the place trashed and the rental and cleaning company would not return calls until the next day. They never did come clean the place, we cleaned it ourselves. There is a list of issues with the house including mold that I will skip.

The cellmate and her brilliant mind thought the trip would have been missing her friend and her boyfriend.. These two are disgusting drunk gluttons. The boyfriend is one of the worse people I have personally met. He is a loud (he is hard of hearing), rude and always drunk. Every place is a bar to him and he belongs in every conversation. Aside from his endless drinking and eating, he was accused of stealing money (oh yeah, this catch is unemployed).
Three days into the visit, they were asked to leave...
I had intended on heading back home mid-week and the cellmate was to ride back with her friend, but that got fucked up because of these two dipshits.

My legs did not cooperate with the stairs. I found myself a prisoner of the third floor. Four of the six days there I did not leave the third floor.
I walked to the beach once using a boardwalk from the house. It is a long walk and has more stairs. I did not even attempt to walk on the beach since I was already tired walking to, and I use a cane and they don't mix.

The above wouldn't be so bad if I could have worked. My job position and responsibilities allow me to work anywhere there is highspeed internet. Of course the place has internet that is too slow and constantly drops. I could not keep my connections up to my office and phone system to complete any work at all.
I do not get vacation pay or sick time off. An entire week of pay...

So I just sat around, bored out of my fucking mind. In count down mode until it was time to leave. Quietly in pain and uncomfortable.
I kept it to myself. There was no point into bitching about it, I was already there. Enough drama was going on with the shitty rental and the drunks that my words would have fell on deaf ears anyways.
I was only questioned once about my lack of participation, I think the cellmate had to speak up and remind them of how useless I am.

They all smoke and eat unhealthy. I was stuck around cigarettes that I want, and shitty food that I do not want. I did not smoke and skipped multiple cheese filled meals.

If anything came from it, in my alone time I was hard on myself enough that I will say "No." when I want to.


  1. Oh my God!! (I should have learnt some better English expressions than that....) That is totaly unbelivable! Everything, but most of all the people you are with. And I do indeed admire you!! I wish I had some of your strength and calmness. How do you do it? And I am so sorry for your pain! But it must have been dobbled or trippeled with an expreience like that? I wish you had some better people. You deserve it so much!!
    Good to hear from you though! I am glad I know you. It helps me stay stronger. I am in a mental mess right now, and I can`t really blame it on the surroundings. But it won`t last:) Sorry for all my spelling mistakes. Take care. Big big hug!!

  2. I didn`t find the right words when I just wrote this. But now I found one. Integrity - that`s what you have:)


    1. I have seen this before, it is a very good watch. This doctor also made a book that people at my MS meetings have mentioned.
      Thank you.

  4. Thinking of you, my friend!