Friday, September 7, 2012

Update 9/7

Still preparing to move. It got pushed back a month due to typical life bullshit popping up and draining $2500 from me preventing the move when it was planned.
So I have holed myself up in my office for the last couple weeks working like mad. I have managed to almost double my paychecks by putting in well, almost double the time. Working day/night and weekends.
I am even skipping a week-long vacation at a beach house with the cellmate's family just so I can continue to work and get moved. 
I know at some point something has to give, but in the present I want to move before winter rolls around.
I just hope my body can hold up and not get worse.

Still moving to another state nearby. I am going to try to continue my country living and void the city life.
I considered moving back into the city for health reasons (doctors, public transit, etc) but I decided country was going to be better for my health.
I have restricted myself to a diet of mostly organic foods, very little meat at all.
All meals are prepared when I eat them, I don't buy prepared foods or processed foods.
I have stuck to this for over a month now. Stop smoking almost two months now. I am trying.

Living in the country fits my desired lifestyle more. If I am further away from restaurants and junk food, I am less likely to eat that bullshit. Living out in the country for a couple years has taught me to plan for a week of meals and to eat much better than I ever did. Out in the country, I have access to small farms right by my house that I use for all of my produce and meats, a large local organic store for everything else.

Back to work. 


  1. I am very glad to hear about your diet change. I am doing the same thing. Feel like the most healthy person on the planet. It helps. Removing gluten was the best difference for me. I resently went to a lecture about Monsanto. I am shocked about what I learned there! Anyway, I am glad you have made these changes:)
    Glad to hear you have found a place to live, although you have to work a lot more for a while. Hope you rest as much as you can. Your girlfiend is moving with you?
    Take care!!