Monday, August 20, 2012


Went to an integrative medicine doctor that told me when making the appointment, they would prescribe me Low-Dose Naltrexone, but they backed off that today when I came in for my appointment (which they did not have in their computer, my name but no date. Idiots.).
Doctor said he would rather go an extensive route of checking for food allergies and attempt to reduce inflammation first before trying LDN. So he refers me to another doctor..Why the fuck did they waste my time!?!
I can only gather that it's because I am a fucking coin purse, a guinea pig, a side walk, a toilet, a fucking joke.

This was the only doctor I could find that prescribes LDN and does not charge over $500 for the first visit.
I will have to wait until after I move address this again.

It's bad enough having this bullshit disease, but to be fucking denied ways I want try to treat myself is the worst of it.
I am losing my faith in people, humanity will be dead with God.


  1. I am truly sorry to hear that! And I kind of know how it feels. I also have been denied the medicine I need, but today there is hope. My doctor sent a application or whatever it`s called. Don`t stop trying!! Hopefully you`ll get it in the end too. But of course it shouldn`t be like that, having to "fight" for the right to get the treatment one need......
    Don`t loose faith. There are good people too!!
    And you are not a fucking joke. I choose my friends carefully

  2. How are you?
    I have also lost my grandfather now. He was burried yesterday.
    Apart from that life isn`t too good. I really want to keep my job, but it`s so hard when you are not feeling well. And even if I can manage my ob it is always a strugle. And three years ago I and my husband got married. We have an aniversary today, we had a fight and he went out. I am at home and just crying. Life sucks! Just felt like writing to you, because you know what I`m talking about....

    1. I am sorry to hear about you grandfather.
      Sent you an email.