Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The house I rent is tied up in the landlord's divorce and I have a couple months to move. I wasn't planning on moving until spring or summer next year. The timing couldn't be worse with recent health issues and pending MRI. 

I am torn between staying in my region or making the jump to a state that supports medical marijuana.
Staying involves a continued distaste for the area and locals and dealing with less than ideal weather.
Leaving involves moving 500-1000+ miles, being out of reach from family, and increased moving cost.
The thoughts of having a talk with the cellmate about her escape are persistent. She needs to be shown the way to escape here. 
I think regrets will settle in with either decision.

Today many Americans are celebrating some form of independence, I am reminded of my lack of.


  1. I am sorry for the bad timing, but all in all this could be good for you?
    Your alternatives doesn`t sound too good. Here is a third one: move closer to your family! I know you don`t want to move "home". But isn`t there a place nearer to them where you could want to live? I felt the same way as you do about my home town, still illness made me go home for a while. It was supposed to be for a short while, but I still live here 6-7 years later. The town is not as bad as I had thought. And I really had thought the worst things ever! I know my story will not help you, but still you could give it a try....? I hope you don`t bring your cellmate with you.
    Warm thoughts and the best of luck. Write soon again:)

    1. All of my family lives in hot and humid climates that I cannot function in.
      My actual home town would cripple me in the heat. I have made short 2-3 day visits there in the last couple years and they have been hell.

      I will figure something out.
      Thanks for writing.

  2. Happy birthday! Just in case it is today.....