Monday, January 21, 2013


She got back this week after being gone almost a month waiting for my car to get fixed. 
She had a rough time up there. Between dealing with her own family to getting the flu and then scratching her cornea as she's getting close to returning, she was defiantly home sick. 
Right after she returned a massive snow storm hit our region knocking out power for just shy of 48 hours.
Got snowed in for a couple days and luckily we had food from shopping earlier in the week and had plenty of firewood. 

The firewood was a triumph for me on a couple levels.
The area where the firewood is stored had once held an above ground pool. The pool is gone but left was layers of some nasty shit. A waterlogged moldy carpet foam/insulation shit was the first layer. Became an ice rink when it froze.
Took three days to remove the shit and expose the nice rock underneath. It beat me up and I paid the price but its done and looks much nicer. Its safer to access and I don't have to worry about the firewood sitting on top of the mold. 
I cannot type this without grinning... the day before the storm the girlfriend and I got into a drawn out argument about priorities and she thought the work I put into the firewood area was a waste of time/energy and that the money spent on the firewood was a waste, as we have electric heat.
Obviously that sentiment came up when we were huddled in front of the fireplace for our only heat.

Since I have been getting worse I decided that I would give Tysabri a shot. I had already started the process last year to begin treatments but since I was told we had to move that was put on hold. Enough time had passed that Tysabri said the paperwork process would have to start over. 
I did not want to get my old doctor involved again. I had already milked them for free care over the phone since I had seen him last February. He was nice enough to call back if I reported an issue and prescribe steroids or other meds if needed.
I will have to wait until I see the new MS specialist in late April. 

I have a pharma sponsored MS dinner coming up and the doctor I have an appointment with will be there. I am looking forward to meeting him, I went to one of these dinners last month and he was scheduled but could not make it. I may make mention that I have an appointment, currently taking no DMD, and the attempt to start Tysabri here. Maybe he will try to fit me in somewhere, but I doubt it.  

Getting the hug a lot lately. That causes me to double over kicking off lhermittes. Not happy.


  1. Snow sounds fun! Glad y'all had the fire wood.
    Hope the Tysabri will be something that will work, maybe even give you relief in a way. ( I haven't read anything about it so I have no idea what the benefits are to it...)

    Take it easy.

    1. Tysabri stops/slows the progression in some people and lab rats. That sums up all DMD's though..

      Snow is ok until it leaves you stranded or causes the power to go out for a couple days...

  2. Btw-That graphic at the bottom, best shit I've ever seen. Love it.

    I'm thinking you made it.

    1. I don't recall the source. I only made small adjustments.

  3. Good to hear from you! I am always waiting for you to write:)

    Good thing about the firewood! But it sounds a bit dramatic. I hope you still keep enough food and firewood in your house in case a new snowstorm turns up!:) Anyway, it`s nice to have a fireplace!!

    Fingers crossed for Tysabri and your new doctor!! I wish you could start it earlier than late April. Sounds like you could need it...
    Good luck!! And take good care!

    Lots of love

    1. Thanks for writing.
      I have about half a cord of wood. More is just a phone call away.

      I am hoping I get into this doctor sooner being on the cancellation list.. we will see.
      Take care.