Unknown amount taken as needed. I go through approximately 28 grams (one ounce) in 1-3 weeks. (Varies according to money and body)
Cannabis is a natural muscle relaxer, pain reliever and anti-depressant. It helps with the spasms better than most medications with no side effects.

Why I take it:
It relaxes me, and helps with the spasms and spasticity. After medicating the tightness loosens up and relieves locked up areas.
I do not suffer from any type of psychosis or paranoia.
I don't have any side effects from the medication. It is a perfect drug for me.

When I started taking it:
I have been smoking pot since my early teens on and off. I have gone long periods not smoking it. I have been steadily smoking for the last 12 years nearly every day.

Because my hands will not stay steady enough to roll a joint, I use a pipe alot. Most times with a small one hitter bat. This allows me to medicate with small amounts throughout the day.
I plan to switch to a vaporizer for health reasons.
Obtained a bamboo rolling mat and that makes rolling a joint much easier. 

If there is a God or Gods, Marijuana is a gift for us. Its medicinal and industrial qualities are amazing.
I will either move to a state that has decriminalized marijuana soon, or I will continue to live as a criminal.

Additional information: