Before 2011
Random symptoms. Spasms, fatigue, neuropathic pain.

January-March 2011
First signs of optic neuritis, gradually progressing to double vision. Lasted 5-6 months with existing residual issues.

March 2011
Complete MRI's ordered by ophthalmologist
Received initial MS diagnoses over phone from ophthalmologist.

April 2011
Neurologist confirmed diagnoses.

May/June 2011
Started Rebif

August/September 2011
Stopped Rebif due to bad side effects including bad site reactions
Flu-like side effect caused issues sleeping and left me with mobility issues the next day.

August/September 2011
Started Gilenya.

September 2011
Started seeing a psychologist . Diagnosed with Clinical Depression

November 14th 2011
Sudden issues walking. Spasticity, paresthesia and large areas of numbness.

November 16th 2011
Could not complete follow up blood work for Gilenya due to almost passing out. Possible needle phobia (caused by Rebif) confirmed months later with another incident..

November 19th 2011
Dog passed away suddenly (cancer). Had what is now described as a panic attack causing a full body lock up, could not move, or talk. Rushed to ER. Left ER (without permission or seeing a doctor) after waiting over an hour. I was able to walk out on my own.
Another panic attack/lock up occurred an hour later when arriving home.

December 2011
Stopped all medications with the exception of Gilenya.

Mid-December 2011
Started Welbutrin. 15 doses and 20 days of insomnia. Eventually led to exacerbation.

December 21st 2011
Exacerbation  - Little to no mobility. Back and legs affected. Bowel/bladder issues. Developed internal hemorrhoids.

January 2012
Significant amount of numbness on left side, mid-January right hand went numb. Continued bowel issues.

Late January 2012
Issues walking caused by right leg lock up.

Late February 2012
Leg and back issues. Issues walking.

Mid-March 2012
Cannot stand on left leg. Foot will not hold weight.

End of May 2012
Leg and Back muscle lock up. Issues walking. Started using cane.

Mid July 2012
Exacerbation affecting legs and back
Stopped smoking.
First indications of Lhermitte's sign

Mid August
Stopped Gilenya

Early October 2012
Prescribed LDN. Took for three days but stopped due to sleep issues.
Would like to restart LDN at some point but take it in the AM.

Mid October 2012
Pain in right hand prevented it from being used for a week.
Right side numbness in arm and leg.

End of January 2013
Lost nearly all function of both legs. Numbness in left leg increased, cannot move toes. Another round of Prednisone.

Mid March 2013
First indication of Optic-Neuritis for second time. Full loss of eye sight in right eye as of March 18th.

March 20 2013
Started three days IV Solu-Medrol.
Lots of energy and no sleep for 4 days then complete crash for over a week. No energy and lots of sleep

Early-Mid April
Pseudoexacerbation affecting legs and back. MS Hug for nearly two weeks really bad.

Mid May 2013
Completed five days of Acthar Gel.
Stopped Zoloft after two weeks. Caused bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction.

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  1. MS is such a fucking shit-show. Nobody gets it unless you have it. Stumbled onto your blog as I was researching anti-depressants for myself. Been on Gilenya for a year, when suddenly I got these fucked up panic attacks plus insomnia...add then the fear that if I keep not sleeping I'll have an exacerbation. If one more person tells me to "just relax" I'll punch them in the throat.