Gilenya (Fingolimod) 0.5mg. One a day, taken around the same time before going to bed.
Gilenya is a Disease Modifying Drug (DMD). It is a drug for MS along the same lines as Avonex, Copaxone, Rebif, etc..
It is the first and as of writing this, the only oral medication FDA approved in the US for MS.

Why I took it:
I had an awful experience with Rebif. Info on my issues with Rebif can be found here.
After a little more than 3 months in hell with Rebif, I told my neurologist I needed to switch to Gilenya or I wasn't going to take anything at all.
He respected my request, and prescribed it to me.

When I started taking it:
August 2011

Why I no longer take it:
After a year of taking Gilenya, I have had 3 or 4 exacerbations (one or two may have been pseudo but there are new symptoms). The medication does not seem to be slowing progression. I also think it is causing hair loss. I have a genetic line of thick haired men in the family but since taking Gilenya I see hair coming out in the shower more than I ever did.
Stopped Gilenya against doctor recommendation.

Before starting Gilenya, they require some baseline tests. You have to do blood work, an EKG, and have an eye exam. The first pill is taken at the neurologist while they monitor you for 6 hours. This is to make sure there is not any sudden changes in blood pressure and pulse. My doctor felt the monitoring part was mostly overkill.
There was a night and day difference when going from Rebif to Gilenya. From what I can tell I have zero side effects from Gilenya. If I have a side effect, I sleep through it. I had taken Gilenya during the day when I first started it, but gradually took it later and later within a weeks period to taking it before going to bed. During the week I took it during the day, it seemed like I was dealing with some leg weakness.

Additional Information:
Gilenya (official site)